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Laminate/LVT Floors

High quality laminate and LVT [Luxury Vinyl Tile] flooring today offers a flexible, durable and resilient surface for kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, though you can choose this flooring for any room in your home. They are made from a series of synthetic layers to create a strong and versatile flooring product with an easy locking system which ensures rapid installation. With the latest in technology it is now possible to print 3D surfaces that allows your laminate or LVT floor to feel more authentic than ever. Today some laminate and LVT floors are so convincing that only a very close inspection will reveal that they are not in fact real wood or stone.

  • Benefits – the wide variety of textures and colours available, ease and speed of installation, affordability and practicality.
  • Maintenance – just an occasional wipe with a wet cloth or a mop.
  • Cost – while prices range from budget to indulgent depending on quality and finish, laminate largely remains the most affordable of our floorings.